Location & Getting Here


The Neighbourhood

Skwachàys Lodge is located at the crossroads of Vancouver’s historic Gastown, Chinatown and Railtown districts in a neighbourhood known as the Downtown Eastside (DTES).

This area was the centre of the city at the turn of the 20th century, with City Hall, the Courthouse, and the Carnegie Library all located there. The headquarters of the BC Electric Railway Company was also in the area, making the DTES the region’s transportation hub. It was also the main shopping area for the city, which centered around the Woodward’s department store. The surrounding stretch of Hastings Street was a major cultural and entertainment district. Prior to the Second World War, there was also a vibrant Japantown.

While the neighbourhood has experienced poverty-related problems over the years, the DTES is experiencing a revitalization. Numerous restaurants, lively bars and trendy boutiques have move to within a short, safe walk of Skwachàys Lodge.

Gastown, established in 1867, is the historic and cultural heart of Vancouver. Designated a National Historic Site in 2009, you will find block upon block of grand Victorian buildings. These historic aesthetics prove a glorious backdrop for today’s urban lifestyle. It’s no surprise Gastown was named 4th Most Stylish Neighbourhood in the World in 2012. Gastown is the epicenter of Vancouver’s creative talent and independent businesses in design, culture, food, and fashion. The neighbourhood crackles with energy, with its dynamic streetscape, cutting edge boutiques and design stores, one-of-a-kind galleries, and award winning dining scene make it Canada’s coolest community.

Vancouver Chinatown tops the list as one of North America’s cleanest modern day Chinatowns. Universally appealing to visitors, artists and people of all nationalities, where one can sample world- renowned Chinese delicacies and savor the rich ethnicity of a culture that has surpassed generations. Chinatown fascinates with its’ striking collection of designated heritage buildings and tales that unfold the drama and link to the life of early Chinese pioneers. Enjoy diverse attractions from the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden to the Cultural Centre, from the Millennium Gate to the World’s Narrowest Building, from the Dynasty Bell to the Jimi Hendrix Shrine.

Railtown, an industrial corner in downtown Vancouver, is transforming itself into a thriving scene for creative professionals. The old warehouses and factories are giving way to restaurants and furniture shops, fashion studios and offices for high-tech firms.

Getting Here

Driving From The Airport:

Start out going southeast on Grant McConachie Way toward Service Road.
Take Grant McConachie Way toward Vancouver / Richmond / BC-99 / Seattle / Victoria
Grant McConachie Way becomes SW Marine Drive / Arthur Lang Bridge.
Turn slight right onto ramp.
Merge onto SW Marine Drive.
Stay straight to go onto Granville Street.
Turn slight right onto BC-99 / Seymour Street. Continue to follow Seymour Street.
Turn right onto W Pender Street
29 W Pender Street is on the left. (Your destination is just past Abbott Street, if you reach Taylor Street you’ve gone a little too far)

From Train / Bus Station (Pacific Central Station):

Start out going North on Station Street towards National Avenue.
Take the 1st left onto National Avenue.
Take the 2nd right onto Main Street/BC-1A/BC-99A. Continue to follow Main Street.
Turn left onto Pender Street W. (Pender St W is just past Keefer Street, Golden Garden Vietnamese Cuisine is on the left. If you reach BC-7A you’ve gone a little too far)

Taking Transit From The Airport:

Follow the SKYTRAIN – platform sign to CANADA LINE and take the Canada Line to WATERFRONT. The Hotel is a 10 minute walk from the Waterfront Station.

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