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A Vancouver Boutique Hotel that is Making a Difference

Skwachàys Lodge is Canada’s first Indigenous Arts Hotel and has diligently worked to provide guests with first-class services and a platform to showcase local Indigenous art and culture.

At the street level, the Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery features Indigenous artwork which includes original paintings, framed limited edition prints, jewelry, pottery, wood carvings, giftware and so much more, purchasing most of its original work from local artists.

Eighteen one-of-a-kind guest suites designed by local Indigenous artists and Vancouver interior designers tell stunning visual stories about First Nations culture and feature original artwork created by the participating artists.

Skwachàys Lodge Hotel and Gallery is a social enterprise that provides the funding for 24 living and work studios for an “Artist in Residence” program in our building.

Owned and operated by Vancouver Native Housing Society (VNHS), a non-profit registered charity governed by an all-Indigenous Board of Directors, Skwachàys Lodge is the CEO David Eddy’s innovative alternative to government funding for social housing.


Skwachàys Rooms


Eighteen one-of-a-kind stunning rooms designed by six of Vancouver’s top hotel designers partnered with six Indigenous artists.

Skwachàys Features


Explore the many unique features that will make your stay at Skwachàys Lodge a one-of-a-kind experience.


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Skwachàys Art Gallery


Located in the hotel lobby, our Art Gallery celebrates the artistic and cultural talent of Indigenous artists from around the world.


Skwachàys Lodge provides an affordable development space for many Indigenous artists, actors, and musicians that live and work here.


Skwachàys is centrally located at the crossroads of Vancouver’s historic Gastown, Chinatown and Railtown districts.

Skwachàys Lodge 2021 Awards
Skwachàys 2021 Awards
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