Meeting & Event Spaces

The Cedar Boardroom

The Cedar Boardroom was named to honour the Coastal First Nations and the tree that was a staple of their heritage. Every part of the cedar tree was used…logs for creating longhouses, canoes and paddles, branches for fishing gear and crafts, planks for doorways, scraps to fuel the smokehouse, bark to make bentwood boxes for food storage.

This art-filled room seats 4 people around a hand-crafted boardroom table with comfortable ergonomic chairs, state-of-the-art audio-visual and teleconferencing capabilities including a 50″ flat-screen television, whiteboard and wifi.

The Ian Leeman Room

Indigenous Art Gallery

Located in the Hotel lobby, the Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Art Gallery is the perfect venue for private functions, special events and film shoots. The space showcases authentic Indigenous art made by different local artists.

Kayachtn: The Welcome Room

The Welcome Room is a space where the Skwachàys Lodge community can come together to connect, create memories and share a meal.

The Smudge Room

Skwachàys has an authentic Indigenous Smudge Room on its Raven Level (6th Floor). The shape of the willow frame represents the mother’s womb.