Easy 3 Step Application Process

Step 1 – Gather all of your support material.

Step 2 – Email with your full support material package.

Step 3 – Selected applicants will be interviewed by the selection committee for upcoming openings.


Artist application support material must show clear evidence of the artist’s dedication to their craft and professional career development. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applicants will be selected based on the Artistic Career Goals described in their professional development plans, artistic merit of portfolio, cultural programs proposal, and previous rental history.


Application Deadline

The Skwachàys Lodge Artist in Residence Program is currently accepting new participant applications. Any applications received from January 2022 onwards are being saved in a queue for consideration when the Artist in Residence Program expands or new term vacancies become available.


In order to be considered for this unique subsidized housing program, all applicants must provide the following items to the Selection Committee.

Send the full package to Confirmation of receipt will be sent by email.

Please submit support material in Microsoft Word or PDF format along with links to online portfolios. 


NOTE: To download forms (Program Application, Professional Development Plan template, Availability) from Google Drive, click on the hyperlink, once the document opens in Google Drive, go to “File” drop-down menu, click on “Download as”, choose “Microsoft Word” or “PDF”. If you are still unable to download these forms, email and fillable copies will be sent to you via email.


  • Cover Letter / Expression of Interest
    Describe WHY you are interested and HOW it will change your life.


  • NEW! Cultural Programming
    Each resident will propose (3) cultural events to be coordinated during their residency. Proposals will meet the following criteria; artistic presentation, cultural significance, public engagement.


  • Artist Bio
    Who are you? What is your creative lineage?


  • Artist Statement
    What inspires your artistic practise?


  • Artist Resume
    A detailed list of professional art & culture exhibitions (must include the date, venue, city, role, presenter).


  • Availability
    Residents provide 1-4 hour Gallery Assistance or Lobby Ambassador assistance each month of residency – DOWNLOAD HERE!


  • Letter of Recommendation
    Letter from recognized professional artist instructor OR mentor to the applicant.


  • Proof of Income
    CRA Notice of Assessment OR 3 Recent Paystubs + 3 recent Bank Statements.




  • Artistic Portfolio
    Only links to an online portfolio will be accepted – please use Google Docs, Vimeo, or YouTube.

    • Painters/Carvers/Illustrators/Jewelry Artists: submit 6 images of recent work with an image list.
    • Video/Film/Theatre Artists: submit links to 10 minutes of recent work with an image list.
    • Literary Artists/Cultural Knowledge Keepers: submit links to 5 pages of recent work.
    • Conceptual artists: submit links for up to 10 minutes of recent work OR 6 images with an image list.
    • Performing Artists (Music, Comedy, Spoken Word, Dance): submit links for up to 10 minutes of recent work with an image list.

Program Participation

Mandatory program participation of 8 hours each month is required in exchange for housing subsidy and access to artist workshops and programming. Residents are required to volunteer in the Gallery and/or Front Lobby (1-4 hour) shifts each month of the lease term. All training is provided. Residents will provide their availability for Gallery and/or Front Lobby (1-4 hour) shifts in their application.

Additional program participation may include; facilitation of skills exchange workshops, live art demonstrations, and taking part in the professional development opportunities provided free-of-charge to residents.  Residents assume full responsibility for shifts, programs, and any other assignments upon joining the program. Supporting the Lodge is an integral part of being supported!

Skwachàys Background

Through the profits of Skwachàys Lodge Hotel and Gallery, Vancouver Native Housing Society is able to provide the accommodation subsidy for the Artists in Residence Housing program. The motivation behind this practice is to provide resources for the artists to develop personally and professionally. Benefiting from an affordable rental rate, with access to a shared Artist Studio over the course of a potential three-year term, 24 Indigenous artists are given more freedom to focus on their professional artistic career pursuits and objectives.