About Skwachàys

The Skwachàys' Story

Skwachàys (pronounced skwatch-eyes) Lodge and Residence at 29 West Pender Street in Vancouver is a unique enterprise created by the social housing organization Vancouver Native Housing Society. The building houses a fair trade Indigenous Art Gallery, Boutique Hotel, and an Urban Indigenous Artist Residence.

Owned and operated by Vancouver Native Housing Society (VNHS), the facility houses two social enterprises that support the Society’s mission and financial sustainability.

The top three floors contain 18 boutique hotel units for socially responsible travellers. The rooms have recently been transformed with the assistance of a team of artists, designers, and suppliers.

At the street level, the gallery showcases Indigenous artistic and cultural work. Other distinguishing features of the building include a rooftop sweat lodge and smudge room used for spiritual cleansing, studio/workshop production space, and a commercial kitchen.

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