Skwachàys Lodge

The Skwachàys Lodge  is a new boutique hotel at the crossroads of Vancouver’s historic Gastown and Chinatown, just west of the Millennium Gate. The Skwachàys is fast becoming a Vancouver landmark. This stunning addition to Vancouver’s urban landscape provides a uniquely Aboriginal experience to our visitors and guests.

Exterior-DuskThe architect preserved the century old Victorian brick façade and designed a traditional northern longhouse that sits atop this heritage building. The longhouse has a 40.5 foot pole – the Dreamweaver – reaching into the skyline. At street level there is a first of its kind interactive 3D display that celebrates Aboriginal art and culture. Uniquely, half of this massive video display is built into a glass sidewalk that never fails to amaze and delight passersby.

Guests experience many traditional Aboriginal elements, including the preserved 106 year old fir that was rescued from the old hotel and transformed into beautiful door lintels. Each floor has its own animal spirit – Raven, Eagle, Bear, Wolf and Orca. The Lodge also has a sweat lodge and a number of gathering places including an artists’ workshop and a smudge room.

Guests will soon be able to experience an immersion in Aboriginal art, as work is now underway to renovate the Lodge’s guest rooms. Six world-class Vancouver hotel interior designers have donated their services and have teamed up with seven aboriginal artists/designers to create 18 unique rooms with the installation of original carvings, blankets and paintings.  Once the Lodge is re-launched this summer (2014), staff will team up with local First Nations communities, tourism operators and attractions to create educational and experiential adventures. To learn more about this transformation or to become a legacy guest of the Lodge’s renovation, click here