Skwachàys Lodge

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Skwachàys Lodge (pronounced “skwatch-eyes”) is a new boutique hotel located at the crossroads of Vancouver’s historic Gastown and Chinatown neighbourhoods. This stunning hotel is a social enterprise that offers a uniquely Aboriginal cultural experience.unnamed

From the first moment guests are immersed in an Aboriginal art experience. At the building entry is a fascinating glass sidewalk video display celebrating Aboriginal art and culture. The hotel’s front desk is in the Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery – a fine art gallery that specializes in Northwest First Nations art.

Each room provides a unique Aboriginal art experience. Interior designers collaborated with artists to create an arts and culture installation in each room, featuring custom furniture, paintings, murals, wood-carvings, textiles and works that express the spirit and tradition of the Aboriginal culture.

The heritage building features a century-old Victorian façade. A rooftop totem pole that reaches more than 40-feet into the Vancouver skyline is surrounded by laser-etched stainless steel panels creating a powerful Orca design. Wood that was salvaged from the original building has been transformed into furniture and architectural features.

The Lodge offers a number of gathering places. There is a private ‘Welcome Room’ where guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner and relax over a glass of BC wine or local craft beer, meet Aboriginal artists and participat in cultural gatherings. There is also a conference room, an artists’ workshop, a traditional smudge room and sweat lodge.

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