Road Stories – July 2016

RoadStoriesSkwachàys Lodge — An Innovative Mix of Native Culture and Social Good

Topped by a towering totem pole and a traditional bighouse, Vancouver’s Skwachàys Lodge is a most unusual hotel. The lobby is a Native art gallery bursting with carvings, masks, paintings and jewelry. The adjoining Welcome Room has dozens of unique aboriginal art pieces including a bold mural and an imposing carved communal table. Each of the 18 hotel rooms is decorated in elegant indigenous themes, created by Native artists working with top designers. A sweat lodge used for spiritual cleansing is on the roof beside a waterfall, totem pole, and a mural of a mountainside. In an adjoining room, traditional smudge ceremonies are performed by an Elder, who burns sage in a large oyster shell. No other hotel in Canada is so steeped in aboriginality. Read full article…

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