Water Suite

Skwachays Lodge Interiors

Giving life to all of nature’s creatures, water is an element worthy of reverence and protection.

Drum Circle Suite


Families of powwow dancers lit by the Northern Lights move to the rhythmic beat of the thunder drums.

Feather Suite


Feathers are used in ceremony to connect humankind with the spirits of the natural world.

Hummingbird Suite


Spreading spirit messages of love and lightness, the elegant Hummingbird is a positive figure in Aboriginal mythology.

Longhouse Suite


The Longhouse is a gathering place where families, neighbours, and nations share in their cultural traditions.

Air Suite


Together the mischievous Raven and the peaceful Eagle bring balance, magic and creativity to the world.

Paddle Suite


The canoe moves above the water’s surface, while the salmon swim below.

Forest Spirits Suite


Against a forested backdrop of white birch trees, a family dances together.

Tlingit Hat Suite


Woven spruce hats denote wisdom and prestige in Tlingit society and signify the wearer as a figure of great social importance.

King Salmon Suite


People, like salmon, will always return home, even if it means swimming upstream against all odds.

Collage Suite

Skwachays Lodge Collage Suite (506) Art Detail 6628 Approved

The bold line drawings of the Horse and the Hummingbird remind us of the prominent role animals play in Aboriginal culture.

Northern Lights Suite


Under the full moon, the black bear observes a procession of powwow dancers parading beneath the magical Northern Lights.

Moon Suite


Delivered to its heavenly perch by the daring Raven, the golden Moon watches over the world below.

Wilderness Teachings Suite


Ancient forests recall the legends of supernatural beings encountering the forces of nature.

Sea Kingdom Suite


The Salmon gives life to humankind through its generosity and in return the people only take what they need from the Sea Kingdom.

Poem Suite

Poem Suite

The mythological relationship between humans and nature is expressed through expressive pencil drawings and compelling poetry.

Earth Suite


The Bear and the Wolf protect the wilderness and nurture the earth’s continued prosperity.

Canadiana Suite


The rhythmic beating of drums symbolizes the spiritual relationship between animals, humans, and nature.