King Salmon Suite

(Deluxe King #507)

People, like salmon, will always return home, even if it means swimming upstream against all odds.

ARTIST: Richard Shorty      INTERIOR DESIGNER: Porada Design


Salmon play a central role in the life and culture of coastal First Nations. Salmon runs once revealed rivers and streams brimming with fish, as schools returned from the ocean to their birthing grounds to spawn. This annual arrival would provide sustenance for communities year round; hence the incredible reverence and appreciation coastal nations have for this life-giving fish. Artist Richard Shorty pays tribute to the salmon run in his painting “Spawning Salmon.” His image depicts a cluster of salmon, swimming upstream in a determined rhythm to the place of their origin, partaking in one of Mother Nature’s most challenging migrations. While the image tells of a key aspect of First Nations life, it also conveys a comforting message; that people, like salmon, will always have a home to return to.

The inspiration for the design direction of the King Salmon Suite was Richard Shorty’s “Spawning Salmon” image and as such this artwork is made to be the focus of the space. Cast in plexiglass and set against a backlight, the piece is striking work of art. The installation stretches across the entire headboard wall, which when illuminated, basks the suite in a warm glow. The intention behind the bold design of Shorty’s image is to impress upon guests the important role salmon play in the lives and history of the coastal nations. Rich red tones are used throughout the space to further pay tribute to the mighty salmon. The room’s finishes are earthy and neutral, using light fabrics and wooden furnishings to represent nature’s surroundings. The principle messages of the King Salmon Suite are to pay respect to the king of all fish, the Salmon, and to remind guests that Skwachàys Lodge is a place they can call their home.