Earth Suite

(Deluxe King #602)

The Bear and the Wolf protect the wilderness and nurture the earth’s continued prosperity.

ARTIST: Corrine Hunt         INTERIOR DESIGNER: BBA Design


To represent the natural world in the Earth Suite, artist Corrine Hunt chose two dominant forest dwelling creatures: the Wolf and the Bear. The Bear is a strong figure in Aboriginal mythology. The Bear wields great authority in its forested habitat, roaming throughout, foraging for berries and fishing for salmon. While powerful, the Bear also represents living in harmony with nature and therefore assumes the role as protector of the forest. Northwest Coast communities have learned much from the Bear and hold bears in high esteem. This figure is also representative of Hunt’s Tlingit clan and so pays tribute to her heritage. The Wolf represents family. Living as a pack and nursing their young, wolves demonstrate a commitment to family values. Incidentally the Wolf also appears on Hunt’s mother’s family crest and is thereby a more personal touch in the design of the suite. Hunt’s carved copper wolf and bear motifs adorn the wooden headboard in the Earth Suite. Together these figures embody the necessary relationship we must have with out natural surroundings; one that appreciates and preserves what we are so privileged to enjoy.

The Northwest Coast is known for its stunning landscape of temperate rainforests and mighty mountains. This cherished terrain inspired BBA Design to create the Earth Suite. A color palette of browns, beige and grey, and a fabric covered headboard wall warm the space and create an inviting atmosphere. Grey speaks to the mountains that run along the West Coast, while brown and beige signify its forests. Wooden furnishings in varying stains symbolize the arboreal diversity found across the province. As chosen by collaborating artist Corrine Hunt, the images of a bear and a wolf represent the character of the suite. Aboriginal mythology identifies the Wolf as a strong leader and the Bear as the protector of forests. Together they remind of the need to respect the natural world. Their motifs have been carved into copper panels and mounted to the wooden headboard. The Earth Suite is an intimate space that evokes a sense of calm like the forested surroundings that inspired its design.