Collage Suite

(Deluxe King #506)

The bold line drawings of the Horse and the Hummingbird remind us of the prominent role animals play in Aboriginal culture.



Artist Clifton Fred has always felt a connection with and reverence for nature. This is a core value in his Tlingit culture. The Tlingit honor the lives of all animals that have sustained their existence throughout their history. Fred commemorates these animals in his artwork. Two of his animal images, originally drawn in his signature pencil style, adorn the feature wall in the Collage Suite. The Horse is an animal of great strength, whose endurance and physical power is relied upon to complete tough tasks such as hunting and travel. Fred feels deep respect for the mighty horse that has always supported humans when needed. The Hummingbird is an animal classically depicted in Aboriginal art for the positive traits it represents. The Hummingbird is a messenger who brings news of things to come and imparts joy on those it visits. It represents how we must learn to live and work in harmony with nature. Legend has it that one can only catch a hummingbird after learning to work together with it. Hummingbirds symbolize beauty, intelligence and love, qualities Fred feels we should reflect back into our natural surroundings. Respect for its beauty, love of its gifts and the foresight to leave it undisturbed.

The partnership between Clifton Fred and B+H CHIL was one of trust and artistic license, where Fred trusted the design team to respect his artistry but also gave them license to use his work in their own artistic way. The Collage Suite is the physical expression of this collaboration, where B+H CHIL was inspired by Fred’s artwork and bolstered by his trust to create a room that celebrates art in all of its forms. Using Fred’s delicate line drawings as the artistic focus of the suite, but emboldening their original colouration with saturated blues, greens and pinks, the design duo at B+H CHIL broadens the notion of how native artwork is meant to look. This bold reinterpretation of Fred’s artwork is complemented with bright fabrics and streamlined furniture to create a modern guest experience. The Collage Suite harmonizes the design aesthetic between artist Clifton Fred and the design team at B+H CHIL Design to create a space that is unique and memorable.